Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Jay!

My little man,

How you have grown this past year, yet you haven't. We are still worried about your size; height and weight, but you seem to be healthy overall. You weathered a gluten free diet for almost a year and now we can say successfully that you do not have Celiac nor do you have a sensitivity to gluten at this point. You are still anemic and not growing as much as you should... so another referral to yet another doctor is in the cards..but we shall get through it.

Your language has just exploded lately and you crack me up with some of the things you say. I missed this language development with Tommi and it pleases me to no end to hear you talk. I am amazed at just how much you like to talk... but you do come by it honestly... you get it from me. Even talking in your sleep...I wish sometimes you were a little clearer when you talk then... Daddy and I would probably be laughing for sure at what you are saying.

You are a fun little boy...but you do have your crabby moments.. boy do you have your crabby moments. They do seem to be centered around hunger mostly...yet you don't like to eat much...so I still wonder what may be going on there. I love watching you play and explore and discover. Your brain is learning so much... I still can't believe that you can count to ten and sing your alphabet, and even identify some of your colors. Yellow is your favorite at this point.

And speaking of favorites... you are really into Cars right now... Lightening McQueen or "Highwayway" (that's what you call him currenty) and Mater are your favorites. You also love Thomas the Tank Engine and Motorcycles and Monster Trucks and School Buses... and the list could go on. You like to get into things that you are not supposed to.. and are so independent it makes me frustrated sometimes when I need to get things done and you are wanting to do it yourself. Then other times you say you can't and I need to do it. I guess you are still a little wary of being too independent you don't need me and Daddy, huh?

And you are basically potty trained (not night trained yet but I am not in a hurry), can ride your bike with training wheels and well, that list can go on and on. It has been a good year overall... and I am so happy to be your mom (sleep issues and all).

I love you Jay Bird.



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Happy Birthday, Jay!