Friday, June 12, 2009

3 year stats

28 lbs.
2' 11 1/2"

Jay is still little but continuing to climb upward so it is pretty good. We are being referred to an endocrinologist to have his growth hormone checked.

I just need to be patient with his eating so little and his horrible sleep... it will get better. (insert sighing here...T is 6 and still sleeps like crap.)

But he is healthy and generally a very happy kid to be around (except when he is hungry and tired...see above issues...insert another sigh) so overall I am pleased.

Over two years later his tubes are still in his ears...wonder if that's because he hasn't grown much since then??? I'll have to ask the ENT when we go back to him for a checkup. ;)

And, no shots today which made him happy, and we went and spent his giftcards which made him even happier. All in all a busy but successful day.


Lisa said...

Way to grow Jay!

I have a couple of horrible eaters too!

T- said...

Awesome, Jay!