Wednesday, September 3, 2008


T Girl,

You are such a big girl! Today you finished your second day of kindergarten. :) It does not seem like it has been five years since we brought you home from the hospital. It has been a wonderful and fun (and sometimes frustrating) five years....

I am really looking forward to watching you continue to learn and grow and to be able to show everyone just how smart you are! I am hoping that you stay on track and I am trying to put everything in place so that you can succeed. You know by now that I worry about you, I have the confidence in you but sometimes I worry that your speech issues may get in the way and give people a wrong opinion of you....

But next week you get to go to U of M and see Rebecca again, and mommy has a meeting next Friday with Ms. Leavitt who is going to be your speech teacher. And mommy really likes your teacher, and I am glad that you seem to like her too. :)

Hopefully now you can blossom and grow (maybe it will help a little with your shyness????). I love you so much will always be mine and daddy's baby girl no matter how big you get.