Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm sick....

And I hate being sick.... especially with sinus crap that just seems to hang on forever. I have tried different types of medications, and even tried some peroxide drops in my ears (on the advice of a friend).... that worked and I felt great yesterday all day....and then this morning I woke up feeling like crap..again. Ugh.

And it is really not bad enough to go to the doctor. I am not in any pain, just miserable. My ears don't hurt, my throat don't hurt, and my sinuses don't really hurt, there is just some pressure there. I am not really coughing much and it doesn't hurt to breathe. I am trying hard not to complain and be a baby about it... cause it really is minor, I could be sicker. But I feel like I am going through the days in a fog... and I really don't want to do anything but go home and crawl into bed. Which, of course I can't do. I am irritable and lazy and so, so not motivated.

I guess if I don't feel better by Friday I will call the doctor. Then it will be about two weeks since this crap started. I guess that is long enough to actually say that I really am sick. My little man is sick too... I may have to get him into the doctor soon as well.... he has a bad cold. I am watching to ensure it doesn't turn into anything worse.

The other bad thing about being sick like this is I can't get any exercise in. I can only go in the morning and that is when I feel my worst. Though to be fair I guess that if I can't breathe through my nose then I can't really swim very well either.... It's just been a week and a half now since I swam and I want to at least continue the minimal weight loss I have had so far.....

Did I mention that I hate to be sick? :(

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More evaluations for T....

And I am happy!

We had a support team meeting at school yesterday and there are some concerns, concerns about her that I had as well, but it was so nice to sit and talk it all out. The school is thinking because of the apraxia that she can be classified under Otherwise Health Impaired and get some OT (for her fine motor skills) and maybe even work with a teacher consultant one on one. :) So, I have a call into our pediatrician for the script needed with the diagnosis. Once I get that (which will be no problem) and sign the papers, it's a go for evaluation!

And, one of the best things about it all... because Jim and I have had some discussions because he wants to move her back to our district home school next year, he understands why I want her to stay there for now. :) I feel like we are on the right track with her and now maybe we can see even more improvement!

Thank God for the Wayne Westland School District! And, for our awesome pediatrician that has been there since the beginnning and will do whatever is needed to get T help!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Here is my new purse...called The Jenny Bag. Tutorial found over on a great blog called Lola...again. It was super easy to make.... though I wish it was bigger. I think I may try to enlarge the pattern a bit and will be adding some type of closure for it as well.

Laziness or Intelligence....

I wanted to avoid some major trashing of the kids rooms while their cousins were over... so I have declared movie night. :) The little ones are still making a mess... but it will be a smaller mess than all 5 can make together in two rooms.

So, the older three are happily watching The Lion King, the twins (Jay and his cousin Lizzie are two weeks apart so that is my nickname for them) are playing and I am happily playing around online. I call it intelligence, and it gives me something to blog about... since I gave proven I am not very good at it...LOL