Sunday, August 31, 2008

Big Boy Bed

My Little Man,

I took the plunge today and took the side off your crib. I had actually been thinking about it for some time since you are getting to be so independent. Thankfully you have not ever pushed the issue by climbing out of the crib on your own. But as of today, you can now get in and out of your be like a big boy. I am taking a chance, since you ordinarily do not sleep all night, let alone in your bed.

But, maybe this will be different (I hope). You are growing up day by day and while it is sad sometimes to me to see my baby boy get so big, I rejoice in every way when I see you master each new thing.

Daddy wisely gave you back your pacifier (even though you didn't use it camping all weekend with Nana & Papa). As tired as you were tonight, we didn't want to push too much change on you all at once. So from now on, till you get used to your bed, you can have your "paci" in bed at night only.

You'll do great, you are so independent and I know you will master this new phase in your life. :)

I love you buddy. Sweet dreams.

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Geri said...

Trust me they grow up so quick. I remember at one point my husband and I had our son between us laying on the couch, and I thought I want to capture this moment forever. Now my son's 28.