Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Almost 2 pounds gained!

Jay had an appointment with the GI yesterday and while he still is not at a diagnosis I feel that we are coming close to one, which is good. He gained almost two pounds, and though it doesn't seem like much, for Jay it's a lot.

Here are the stats since we started a gluten free diet:
1/24/08 23.08 lbs. (10%)
4/22/08 23.74 lbs. (9%)
8/25/08 25.29 lbs. (12%)

Of course we all wish he would have gained more, but I can tell a difference and almost always know if he has ate something that had gluten in it (which I won't tell the disgusting details of his diarrhea...)

I had done some research and through discussion on the boards (thanks, Sensible Celiac) had learned that there are actually DNA markers for Celiac. Having the markers doesn't mean that you have Celiac Disease....it just means you are a carrier and could develop it. Of course with the symptoms.... It can also be a helpful route if all tests have come back negative as Jay's had.

I mentioned the testing to the nurse practitioner, and she stated that she and the doctor had been discussing that very thing (score one for me!) and since they wanted to do another CBC and check his iron levels again, they just added that to the lab slip as well. Our GI said that with his improvement...if he doesn't have the markers, then he will diagnose just a plain old allergy to gluten. If he has the markers on HDL CQ2 and CQ8 then it's just another piece in the puzzle and we go from there.

In my opinion though, if he has the markers then it's a done deal, especially considering all the other factors. Maybe this can prevent another EGD and colonoscopy.

Now all I have to do is wait the week and call on Tuesday if I don't hear from them first......

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Heidi said...

That's fascinating! I hope you get some answers! My sister just found out she has the markers. I haven't been tested yet, but have considered it.