Monday, January 18, 2010


So, here it is January 18, and I am writing my first post of the year. I could use the excuse that I am busy and stressed... but since my last post was in November, I am right on target for my blogging style...nonexistent.

What can I say though... it is 18 days into the new year and 2010 kind of sucks so far. Two major medical issues have happened with extended family members. I'll just do a rundown to catch up.

On Dec. 30, my father in law suffered a fall at work and now has what is termed a TBI (traumatic brain injury). He has lost most of his memory for people, places and things. He is home and able to do things like dress and feed himself. He can read and is accepting of what he is told for the most part, and little memories have come back. It is sad to see and have conversations with him sometimes... I just can't imagine the heartbreak that my mother in law felt when she walked into the ER and they had to tell him that she was his wife. He is in rehab though, and prognosis is good...and each day that passes brings more hope.

And 5 days ago, my 39 year old sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not many details are known yet, she is undergoing testing to find out exactly what type, stage and everything else that they need to know to begin treating it. It is aggressive and she has an 8 mm lump in her right breast. After the initial shock has worn off.. she has a great attitude about it.. no matter what has to happen in terms of treatment, "death is not an option". So they are finding out whatever they can that can be done, and putting everything in God's hands, as it should be.

So, prayers for my family and Jim's... it has left us all emotionally drained.

And, the normal stresses at work and all.... but that is nothing new.

On a positive note, I bought some material to make myself something... I will post about the details later.

I am going to make Jim a gift for his birthday... he has been complaining that I have not made him anything.

T got all her spelling words right last week. Yay!

J has been doing well sleeping in his bed all night..(hope I didn't just jinx it....)

And, I actually participated in one of the Smartypants Quizzes on The Pioneer Woman and am hoping that I am eligible to win one of the Amazon giftcards ... there are a ton of books that I want. I have been following her blog for a while and decided to try a quiz. I hope I got the answers right.. there were quite a few that I actually knew.

It's back to work tomorrow for me... my vacation in February can't come quick enough.

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