Monday, August 17, 2009

Checking In...

I am still here, just been really busy at work and too tired to do more online than just read.

Trying to find time to sew, I have many projects cut out and some I want to do. Plus I need to start picking up material here and there for Halloween costumes, I have four to make by the middle of October. Ideally I would like to start the beginning of September and have them done by the first of October. Hopefully once T goes back to school and I just have J on Fridays I will be able to get some time in at my machine. :)

Plus, Jim bought a Wii with his work bonus! Yay! So we have been fiddling around with that. I'd like to get some more games, all we have is the sports one that comes with and Jim bought Madden Football for himself.

Ugh, gotta get back to work. :( That's what I get for taking a few minutes to myself....

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