Sunday, March 8, 2009

Food Review

I have been pretty tired of the same old thing lately....not necessarily the type of food per se, chicken, steak, etc....but that we cook it the same way every time it seems. So I decided to try one of The Crockpot Lady's recipes. Specifically the Applesauce Chicken.

It definitely was different... and I am happy, even though I am not sure I will make it again. I will however try more recipes that she has on her site. I do love my crockpot and need to use it more. The problem is that Jim and I just don't plan meals well... so we really need to get into doing that. If we did then the 4 PM "What are we going to do for dinner?" texts would not have to exist...LOL

So anyways, back to the chicken. It had too much of a peppery taste for me. The recipe calls for black pepper and red pepper flakes. I did not have the flakes and used ground red pepper instead. Even though I used 1/8 tsp instead of 1/4 tsp... it was still too much. T didn't like it, she said it was too hot so I made her and J something else. I did like the tangyness of the applesauce and the chicken was very moist. I served it with noodles, cause I just didn't want rice today. :)

All in all, the new recipe was a success. Thanks to The Crockpot Lady.

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